Below you will find all kinds of needles.  


Usualy all current products are available from stock, specialty items sometimes have to beordered. Looking for something but can't find it? feel free to email us. Prices include vat.



Prym 40 cm knitting needles PR-19147

Prym 40 cm synthetic needles PR-1823

Pony synthetic
needle BPO 3467x

Pony 60cm long needles BPO-3796x

60 cm long wooden knitting needles

100 cm long wooden knitting needles

Surina needles with knob 35 cm

Addi bamboo knitting needles AD 500-7

Prym d.p. needles - BPR-17123x

KaP bamboo d.p. needles SE8-800033

Surina wooden d.p. knitting needles 35 cm

Circular needles 40 cm rosewood

Circular needles 60 cm rosewood

Circular needles 80 cm rosewood

Circular needles 100 cm rosewood

Circular needles 117,5 cm rosewood

Circular needles 150 cm rosewood

Addi circular needle 20 cm AD-105x20

Addi circular needle 30 cm AD-105x30

Addi circular needle 40 cm AD-105x40

Addi circular needle 60 cm AD-105x60

Addi circular needle 80 cm AD-105x80

Addi circular needle 100 cm AD-105x100

Addi circular needle 120 cm AD-105x120

Addi circular needle 150 cm AD105x150

Addi synthetic circular 60 cm AD-405-60

Addi synthetic circular 80 cm AD-405-80

Addi synthetic circular 100 cm AD-405-7

Addi synthetic circular 120 cm AD-405-120

Addi synthetic circular 150 cm AD-405-150

KaP bamboo circular 80 cm SE8-00037

KaP bamboo circular 100 cm SE8-800038

KaP bamboo circular 120 cm SE8-800039

Addi Click sets and spare parts 

Addi Click Lace long tips

Addi Click Bamboo

Addi Click - Hook BRA 270-7

Addi 'Flexi-bel' needles AD-181-7

Addi weaving needles AD-310-2

Addi crochet hook aluminum AD-245-7x

KaP crochet hook colored SE8-800048

Prym crochet hook extra fine BPR-19521x

Surina wooden crochethook 15 cm

Surina wooden crochethook 25 cm

Surina wooden crochethook 37 cm

KaP flexible crochet hook 83 cm SE8-800089

Pony synthetic crochet hook BPO 456xx

Pony ergonomic crochet hook - BPO-073.5960x

pointed crochet hook - SE8-830080

Knitting fork B-282-7